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Scream OpenData – A Permanent Home for Energy Big Data

Written by: Francis Palma, PhD, Research Scientist, Screaming Power Inc See Press Release Scream OpenData will use social media to publish structured energy information. This project can be regarded as energy data benchmarking that at its best can be used as...

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Using Mobile Technology to Drive Energy Transition

Written by: Gary Michor (CEO), Screaming Power Inc. See Press Release  With an increasing level of integration of mobile technology throughout conservation, energy efficiency and, sustainability projects, we are pleased to announce the...

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When Mobility Meets the Energy Industry

Written by: Keith Houghton See Press Release  History shows us that different industries embrace emerging technologies with varying degrees of enthusiasm. In the fledgling days of the World Wide Web, the early adopters saw the potential to...

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Leveraging Smart Grid Information

Written by: Keith Houghton (CTO) & Gary Michor (CEO), Screaming Power Inc. See News Article Even if you don’t fully understand what the “smart grid” is, no doubt you have heard the term. It could be argued that the smart grid is the result of a...

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