Using Mobile Technology to Drive Energy Transition

Written by: Gary Michor (CEO), Screaming Power Inc.


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 With an increasing level of integration of mobile technology throughout conservation, energy efficiency and, sustainability projects, we are pleased to announce the collaboration between the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association (OSEA) and Screaming Power. OSEA’s dedication to championing sector transformation and the transition to a more sustainable energy economy has allowed this simple and exciting decision to create more opportunities for sustainable project development through the use of the Screaming Energy Mobile App.

Throughout our journey to sustainability, the construction of our mobile platform helps manage changes in our energy eco-system while becoming increasingly powerful and engaging. Screaming Power’s continuous evolution of the Screaming Energy Mobile App enhances the end users’ ability to share building & energy information across a secure mobility platform.

On the other hand, OSEA seeks to educate the marketplace on a wide range of social benefits tied to the development of a sustainable, decentralized and integrated energy system. In order to create a more sustainable community, OSEA and Screaming Power have come together to help bring connectivity and education to life through technology.

“We wish to create an open platform that is filled with inspiring ideas and helpful information utilizing mobility and taking advantage of social networks further contributing to sustainable change in our world.” – Gary Michor, Screaming Power.

We believe that sustainability refers to meeting our own needs, improving the quality of our lives and ensuring that the ecological system sustaining us is healthy and capable of supporting future generations. The Screaming Energy Mobile App platform allows users to have access to information that will give them the ability to exchange knowledge and ideas about becoming a more sustainable society.

“Together, we aim to create a community of learning, advocating, and idea sharing on all matters related to sustainability.” – Nicole Risse, OSEA.

We need to work together to further evolve our mobile platform in order to be able to bring property owners, managers, researchers and green energy providers an endless array of information, products, events and techniques that cater directly to their needs.

While this partnership is based on strong common goals, we are constantly looking to evolve our ideas for a more sustainable world. Any other parties who are interested in being a part of our journey are encouraged to reach out to us and contribute to our sustainable evolution.

By making information about these choices more accessible, all of us can develop wiser everyday choices, creating a more sustainable, cleaner, safer world. Educating people about the benefits of consuming less while enabaling them to share their experiences openly is what guides us. We want to create a strong foundation for forming ties with the individuals, companies and organizations supporting us.

Be a part of the change. Be a part of the Sustainability Challenge

About Screaming Power Inc.

Screaming Power is revolutionizing customer engagement by providing a mobile platform that connects the energy user, allowing for effective and secure two-way communications to educate, change behaviour and encourage sustainability. Our extensible Intellectual Property provides a low-cost, digital infrastructure for a self-sustaining Eco-System. Our Scream Utility & Scream Enterprise mobile solutions focus on reducing ‘cost-to-service’ for utilities while driving satisfaction and facilitating the delivery of innovation (e.g., connectivity to the IoTs). 

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