Use Cases

Take advantage of your information to save you and your customer time and money! 

Deliver Big Data (market, meter, bill & weather) directly to mobile devices leveraging machine learning and AI. Provide toolsets that help everyone become better educated while helping achieve your KPIs and complex reporting. 

Integrate Machine Learning for Accurate Analysis / Forecasting
Allow Direct Cleantech Infrastructure Engagement
Integrate Markets & Create Digital Twins for Testing, Simulations, Pilots & Production Systems
Integrate with Internet of Things (Iot)
Provide Building Energy & Health Profiling
Provide Geo-Location for Utility & Customers
Present & Export Meter Data to Users
Provide Cleantech Analysis & Education Including GHG Management
Templated Data Integration Tools Other Integration Services
Educate & Inform Users of Conservation Programs
Integrate & Aggregate Green Systems, Projects & Pilots
Engage EV User for Pilots & Grid Operations
Embed Mobile Tech in The Utility
Present, Pay, & Export Utility Bills Quickly
Provide Real-Time Connectivity to Customers & Public
Provide Advanced Weather Normalization

Our extensible platform connects your data silos through one, independent system that supports the secure sharing of information. Build in Canada Innovation Program / Ontario Smart Grid Fund Recipient and multiple awards for research by federal and provincial agencies.

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