Monitoring Energy Costs with Time-of-Use Rates

Power Outage Notifications & Utility Related News

Provides Billing & Metering Information

Monitoring Information with Advanced Add in Analytics

Utility Billing, Monitoring, Conservation Management & Powerful Analytics

What is Scream Utility?

Scream Utility is a Mobile Energy Solution that integrates and enhances the visualization of Big Energy Data. Our machine-learning and energy management tools simplify energy management and conservation to save everyone money.  We have created a unique mobile app and cloud solution for Utility providers and their customers to streamline communication, socialize conservation and reduce costs.

We provide a SaaS platform for Energy Utilities (Electric, Natural Gas and Water).   The platform offers a flexible user interface that is easily branded and customized for the utilities and end users unique needs on the fly.  

Scream Utility Provides:

Utility Billing / Meter Data, Monitoring, Conservation / Outage Management, Notifications and News, while connecting to the IoTs. Every utility-branded solution delivers a visually rich platform that provides:

• Quick implementation and cost-effective access to a mobility platform for engaging users

Reduced Utility costs by replacing paper billing through true mobile e-billing; 

• Utility customers with easy, automated access to electronic market, utility and personalized data;

Energy use, conservation, management and comparison tools specific to each user’s information;

• Direct connection between the Utility and their customers to seamlessly collect, monitor, notify and report on energy usage;

• Optimized analysis utilizing machine learning, cognitive conservation and artificial intelligence;  

• Offline and non-customer mode to ensure the Utility’s community has access to information all the time; and

• A solution set that expands constantly due to continuous R&D.

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Mobile Utility App Features & Functions

Automated Customer Issue Management

Automated Customer

Issue Management

Provides customer-centric engagement for system issues and outages.

Meter Data Delivery

Meter Data


Automatically delivers meter data to the customer through mobile technology.

Conservation Engagement



Automates application and conservation program management.

Multi-Utility Coordination



Able to use the same infrastructure as other Utilities to share costs.

Keep Up-to-Date



Provides news on Utility and/or energy market.

Everything at your Fingertips

Everything at 

Your Fingertips

Provides coupons, energy audit info, marketing & education directly to mobile.

Integrating Applications



Integrates with ‘Scream Energy’ End User App at no added cost.

Saves Money & Environment

Saves Money &


Eliminate paper bills / speed bill payment. Reduces paper and marketing costs.

Scream Utility App

Complete Customer Engagement

The Scream Utility mobile app provides Utilities with quick implementation and cost-effective access to a mobility platform for customer engagement.


  •  Automatically delivers energy bill & all electronic data associated with the bill to the customer.


  •  Integrates/presents social media (e.g. Twitter). Can provide news on Utility &/or energy market.


  •  Ability to communicate directly with the customer and integrate with other features.


  •  Provides location, property details, & energy information through maps, as well as reports & graphs that are easy to understand.

Scream Utility Articles

Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions with Big Data

Researchers from Ryerson have been collaborating with the company Screaming Power on technology that predicts energy usage through real-time analysis of vast data sets.   See Article from Office of the Vice-President of Ryerson University, Research &...

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Why Screaming Power?

Screaming Power

At Screaming Power we build and manage mobile apps that seamlessly and securely support energy data for property owners and managers on the fly. Our applications enable energy providers to connect and share information with their customers and employees. We provide template solutions and Software as a Service (SaaS) that assists in linking information together to support energy conservation and sustainability.

For Utilities: Looking for standardized mobile interfaces for customer care that can communicate directly with users? 

For Enterprises / Organization:  Looking for mobile applications to promote efficiency and deliver building / energy information in a simple manner? Looking to streamline GHG reporting?

Look no further… Contact Screaming Power!

Our Other Applications 

Scream Enterprise

Scream Enterprise

Branded Mobile Building Energy Management & Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Reporting & Tracking System

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