Scream Utility - Data Hub with Presentation tools

Mobile and web-based integrated customer engagement Hub.  A flexible, templated toolset to manage / share data, and educate energy users. A data monitoring and management platform with powerful analytics and KPI reporting that sits on top of your other solutions so you can see and manage cross-platform in one place.  A controlled customer experience tool that allows you to make your own decisions and add on tools as you need them.  We believe integration to other toolsets should be easier than it is.  Let us show you our Hub toolset with digital twin capabilities.  We have many strengths over our competition. 




What is Scream Utility? A Data Hub with modern digital engagement opportunities that is built to adapt.

Scream Utility is a mobile-first energy data hub solution that has been enhanced with our 3.0 rollout to include integrated web-based Portal and standardized administrative tools and features  so the utility can streamline customer access and education when they want to.  Our focus for Scream Utility is to assist the Utility of any size on its digitization journey and allow the ultimate flexibility in a customer engagement toolset. 

Scream Utility integrates and enhances visualization for customer engagement. It is different than the other tools out there as it is built to cooperatively evolve.  Take a look at our case study Huge Scream Utility (3.0) Re-Architecture Rollout to 2 Utilities Simultaneously to see why we are technically different. 

Scream Utility offers a Data Hub Infrastructure that manages data flow and can grow with your Utility’s needs. You are no longer locked into legacy systems and single-vendor data management solutions that charge you for every change.  Scream Utility provides SaaS opportunities for cost savings, data sharing and energy/operations management. We have created and enhanced our unique customer application toolset with extensive Utility “self serve” and automated administration the embraces the cloud and allows utilities to better manage and streamline digitization of Utility data assets. Our white paper, Not a Typical Utility Customer Portal demonstrates why we are the best Customer Portal available in the market today.

Create real business opportunities for the future. Work with us. Our existing customers will tell you we are the right organization to work with. Why get stuck with working with vendors that restrict your opportunities while increasing your long-term costs. Take digital evolution in your own hands and work with an organization that believes the utility should have the power to move in any direction they want without having to deal with solutions that restrict the ability to evolve. Use Scream Utility to open up opportunities with new use cases that allow you to work with others more easily. Leverage today’s technology that streamlines communication and socialization to create new opportunity for your business and your energy community.

Digital Customer = Real Business Opportunity


Software as a Service

We provide a SaaS platform for energy utilities (electric, natural gas and water). The platform offers flexible user and administrative interfaces that are easily branded and customized for the utilities’ and end users’ unique needs on-the-fly. Why spend months just trying to negotiate to get things done. Our toolset has been proven to adapt in a matter of weeks and we provide continuous improvement as part of our regular services.

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Mobile-First Platform

We are the only mobile-first utility management platform, that also provides web based customer engagement, using a multifunctional web portal toolset. Our solution involves a unique mixture of experience and knowledge in the energy sector with the latest technology to provide utilities and energy users with the most flexible, user-friendly experience.

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Powerful Admin Panel

The administration panel includes tools to manage the utility-application. Easily manage users, assign roles, and templated KPI reports with capabilities to quickly publish news / events and integrate outage / support communications directly to the customer. The 3.0 admin solution is built to integrate with 3rd-party applications to easily leverage the digitization of the energy data.

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Machine Learning

New technologies, such as machine learning (ML), are utilized to make data integration, management and analysis much easier and more accurate. We use ML in many ways to reduce billing and metering integration costs. Our ML strategy has been evolving since 2017 and it definitely has proven to have its advantages.

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Cost Effective

Our extensible Intellectual property provides a low-cost, digital infrastructure for a self-sustaining eco-system. We have the ability to connect to any data sources that you want and the experience to be your subject matter expert on the most cost-effective digitization approach for your utility.

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Use Cases

Enables mobile / web tech across the utility to support your digitization approach. Capable of pilot projects or full production for billing, metering, integrate green tech, data export, AI, and IoT integration

Scream Utility Digital Twin ​

Digital twins are virtual replicas of physical assets, systems, or processes that allow for real-time monitoring, analysis and simulation. In the energy industry digital twins can be created for various assets and system reviews. We have a capability to create digital twins in a few hours, allowing our Scream Utility framework to create data ecosystems for research, pilots, testing, analysis and off production integration opportunities.   

Scream Utility Customer Engagement Features

Give your customers (energy users) the power to access information at their convenience. Our 3 step Utility onboarding process provides a hassle-free integration to our solution with features that can be added or removed on-the-fly.

24x7x365 Access

Customers can access the information they need at their convenience

Customer Onboarding

Integrate your onboarding, moving or account closing process in the app

E-billing/ Paperless Billing

Customers have access to multiple paperless tools to make retrieval and management of paperless bills simple.

Outage Management

Notify your customers about current outages and visually see mapped outage requests while keeping track of past outages

Meter Data Delivery

Customers can view visually see their meter consumption and examine the changes to their energy profile.

Price Plan Comparison

Our algorithm compares & analyzes the most cost-effective pricing (time-of-use or tiered) for your customers

Multiple Accounts

Our solution allows customers to add and manage multiple accounts and switch on-the-fly

Conservation Tips

Provide energy savings tips and conservation support program information to your customers

GHG Estimation

Our toolset provides strategies for GHG education and analysis

Report Outage

Provides your customers the ability to report an outage as soon as it occurs and the utility is presented with tools to manage the customer engagement process

Push Notifications

Provides utilities the power to send alerts/news/promotions to mobile devices

Feedback, Support & Contact

Provides customers an easy way to connect with the utility for questions or feedbacks. Everything is completed seamlessly within the toolset.

Green Button Implementation

Evaluate Your Options For Green Button Ontario

Screaming Power is here to help with all things Green Button:
• Evaluate your systems.
• Assess organization strengths and desires.
• Understand your options to strategically take advantage of Green Button.
• Ensure you are compliant with all aspects of Green Button

Mobility and the Utility

Utility Customer Engagement - engage with customer through mobility – quick penetration - Mobile users have reduced energy usage by 10 - 15% without a formal Conservation initiative. Education is key.

Integrated into one iOS Android customer toolset:

Billing, Metering, Outage, Weather, Market, IoT – thermostats, IoT – home assistance, Integrated third party provider e.g. Bill payment, Analysis, Data recovery and reuse

Heading layer
Large Utility Integrating into Existing Customer Engagement Tools

Integrate into legacy CIS for innovation and customer engagement. Manage Privacy / Security and Integration

Integrated into CIS Presentment:

Billing, Metering, GHG, Budgeting / Targets, Energy Calculator, Cost effective integration, Digitization focused, Ready for future use cases

Enterprise Customer (Multiple Buildings)

Large building Owners – Multiple buildings / multiple Utilities, Many 3rd party integrations and data standards

Integrates to Third party solutions e.g. Portfolio Manager,
Ability to add unique features e.g. Solar array for “Virtual Solar” comparison, Extendable for analytics e.g. Covid Pre/Post energy analyst

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Complete Customer Engagement

The Scream Utility mobile app provides utilities with quick implementation and cost-effective access to a mobility platform for customer engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our toolset is very flexible. Our expertise involves 25 years of experience integrating utility data and legacy systems (CIS, ODO, billing, metering, market, weather data, etc.). We have come up with many methods to extract your information from siloed legacy systems and new innovative solutions. Every utility is different, but we believe we can meet any use case sent our way. In most cases, we can use our existing templated IP to save time and money.

Our goal is not to replace what you have. Our solution “sits on top” of your existing solutions to make your data more shareable and interoperable. The advantage is that by adding our solution to your mix of solutions, you are no longer restricted by your existing vendor’s inability or desire to change. Our utility customers have discovered that our solution provides an opportunity to access their information in a way that provides innovative alternatives to new business opportunities that may have been overlooked in the past and opens up future innovation. Scream Utility may not fully replace what you have but it gives you opportunities to innovative without having to deal with the “old school” way of thinking.

We can help you better understand the data you have and what it can do. There may be some bumps in the road to gain data independence from your existing vendor(s) but we believe freeing up your data and interconnecting your information into a big data toolset allows you a much wider range of options that creates unrestricted competition and innovation in the energy marketplace.

Every utility needs to make a choice. Go with what you know and hope the existing solutions evolve or work with an energy ecosystem that opens up your data to unlimited opportunities.
Waiting until your existing vendor builds or buys another company that can compete in a new business space is an option but we believe opening up your opportunities and working with a solution set that embraces the sharing of data is the only way to compete in this new digital world.

Once we start collecting your information, we standardize it to deliver it via the method/standard you want. There are multiple data standards out there (Green Button, etc.). These all have advantages and limitations. We provide you with a toolset that is independent of how or who you want to send it. This approach saves you time and money as standards and jurisdiction policies change. We focus on what is best for you. We provide advise on what is used more commonly in the mobile industry as a whole as it evolves quickly to data change, security and privacy. Flexibility is key and that is how we deliver our service. We believe in today’s standards but we also know things change and we are ready for it.

Fill out our form, send us an email or give us a call. It all starts with a conversation. From there, we set out a plan and provide you with a quote. We understand you are not energy data experts, but we can help with that. That is what we do best. We help you with your situation and provide you with tools to solve them. We look at all of our clients as partners. Try us out. We are easy to talk to and have the knowledge to start your roadmap to success.

For new SaaS applications, there is a onetime setup fee and ongoing monthly or yearly operational fee.  The costs are determined by the size of the Utility and the changes that are required outside our templated base solution.  Fees are inclusive of regular integration to the utility’s legacy solutions.  The SaaS includes the following: iOS / Android Apps, Cloud infrastructure, Utility administration interface and security.  

Ongoing regular advancements are included in the offering.  Utility requested enhancements are charged according to Screaming Power’s price to implement outside the templated solution functionality.  Utilities can expect costs below what is normally changed by legacy vendors, as the technologies used are from the rapidly advancing mobile industry. 

Unique rollouts into existing web-based legacy customer engagement solutions are priced accordingly.  Screaming Powers templated IP and expertise is used to reduce the timeline and price.

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