Scream Utility CMD Data Hub

Scream Utility CMD (Connect My Data) provides all the capabilities of Scream Utility but with a rapid deployment process, utilizing billing & metering data authorized by the utility account holder through the Utility’s existing Green Button toolset. 





What is Scream Utility CMD?

SU CMD is an “in-production” templated solution providing the Utility or third party vendor / energy provider, a rapid implementation infrastructure to have their own mobile app, web portal, analysis tools, development toolkits, extensive administrative, and reporting interfaces. SU CMD data hub manages integration, testing, information, education, data, users and connected devices. This toolset uses EZGB as a source of billing and metering information. Get a “big” solution with minimal integration to manage data sharing, new development and your own digital strategy. 

With SU CMD you get true customer engagement, data management and analysis data hub faster than ever before. With our cooperative approach to product evolution, we work with you to create something you want and need. You can rely on the synergy of expertise from others  as our SaaS evolves to meet todays changing needs.

Where does this work?

This solution works in Ontario and other jurisdictions that have implemented a Green Button Infrastructure.


What does Scream Utility CMD have?

A flexible secure mobile app (iOS and Android) and web interface, a data hub infrastructure with open API’s and a developer toolset with security in mind (built with Google & AppleID sign in and multi-factor authentication)

A front-end customer dashboard that has 3 customized interfaces:

Public facing website

for public access information.

A secure customer portal

provides a unique user experience to meet specific engagement needs.

Modular based tools

allows for plug-in type integration to public websites and digital twin opportunities to manage your evolution to real world digitization

A Data Hub is a center of data exchange that is supported by technologies to interact with endpoints such as applications and algorithms. In the energy industry, data hubs have not been widely considered due to technical, inter-political and regulatory uncertainties.

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An admin dashboard that:

Manages data and content

while automating reports for all customer engagement platforms.

Manages users

accounts, devices, push notifications, email notifications, communications and so much more.

An integrated two-way customer support system and outage management system:

A support toolset

that logs and manages the interaction between the portal’s user base and your business.

Logs interactions

and ongoing data synchronization.

An outage management system:

Displays detailed outage information

including status updates and maps.

Notifies and updates

all parties of outages and their progress while managing customer requests.

A customizable interface where:

New information

analysis and other tools can be added to customize your user and company experience / digital service.

Ability to manage

 energy data, location, account(s), GHGs (etc).

An open API for your own development or third-party integration:

Build out your own

features to analyze data.


with third-party toolsets integration using our open API's.

Custom tools

built to your specifications.

A unique solution

to meet your specific needs for today and into the future.

With SU CMD you have:

A low-cost

entry solution.

Proven success

through years of production service and support.

Reduced timelines

for implementation using our Scream Utility 3.0 template.

Reduced meter and bill integration cost

and effort by using your own Green Button Toolset and allowing the customers to authorize their own data use.

What tools do you get?

You get everything from Scream Utility but in a different way.

A collaborative platform

to work on expanding your solution along with a team of experts and partners.

Lower entry costs

into the digital age using a solution that has been in the market and evolving since 2016.

One Integrated IP

manage evolving development effectively

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