Digitization: Banking, Telecommunications, and now Energy Data

Written by: Gary Michor (CEO), Screaming Power Inc.

Revolutionizing Energy Management with EZGB

In an interconnected world, digitization has become the driving force behind efficiency, convenience, innovation, and sustainability. First banking then telecommunications and now Utility energy data. The digital revolution has reshaped industries and continues to change the world. Digitization and innovation impact us all and energy data hubs like Screaming Power’s new EZGB(Easy Green Button Connector) SaaS bridges the gap between complex energy data retrieval and actionable insight that is reusable by others.

Let’s work together to use data for increased conservation and energy efficiencyWe can create new economic development opportunities, increase process efficiencies, and reduce costs for everyoneWe need real energy data connected to multiple markets to enable reporting, benchmarking, Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) and grid resilience. Digitization allows everyone to work together to create a greener, more interactive and inclusive world. 

Banking in the Digital Age

The financial landscape has evolved significantly since the 1990s due to universal bank digitization:

  1. Global Accessibility: Withdraw cash anywhere in the world. ATMs transcend borders, and your account balance adjusts. The $20 bill you withdraw in Tokyo changes your account balance at home. 
  2. Mobile Banking: Manage accounts, transfer funds, and invest—all from your smartphone. Mobile apps simplify financial tasks, eliminating the need for physical visits to banks. 
  3. Contactless Payments: Tap your card or phone to pay. No more fumbling with cash or swiping cards. The transaction seamlessly integrates with your digital records. 
  4. Online Services: Open accounts, apply for loans, and access services online. Paperless processes save time and resources. 
  5. Security Measures: Encryption, biometrics, and real-time fraud detection enhance security. Your money is safer than ever. 

Telecommunications: Bridging Continents

Since the 2000s Telecom, too, has harnessed a globalized digitization strategy to connect people and devices: 

  1. Global Roaming: Your cell phone adapts to new networks as you travel. Whether you’re in Paris or Tokyo, your smart phone works, and the charges appear on your home bill. 
  2. Virtual Numbers: Need a local presence abroad? Virtual numbers provide local access without physical SIM cards. 
  3. Data Everywhere: Maps, emails, and social media follow you worldwide. Data connectivity is no longer bound by borders. 
  4. Unified Billing: Telecom companies master unified billing. Use your phone anywhere, and the charges consolidate on your local provider bill. 
  5. Internet of Things (IoT): Digitization enables IoT devices—smartwatches, connected cars, and home automation. Seamless communication networks support these innovations for business and personal use. 

Simplifying Energy Data Management with EZGB

Most Utility accountholders just pay energy bills without understanding how to avoid costs or manage their energy footprintThere has never been anyone to help energy users understand and lower their energy use because there has never been a simple access to digitized utility data in Ontario.   

Everything has changed in 2024Screaming Power has created a simple to use innovation in energy data management called EZGB. EZGB is for energy consumers wanting access to their digitized energy data and/or shared with third parties on an ongoing basis so it can be reused for energy cost management and auditing.

EZGB provides:

  1. Effortless Data Retrieval: EZGB streamlines access to energy data, both billing and metering data from 50+ Ontario utilities. No more manual processes—just automated efficiency. 
  2. Consistent and Standardized Data: EZGB presents data uniformly across utilities. Say goodbye to juggling logins and disparate formats. 
  3. Automated Updates: effortless and ongoing data delivery keeps you informed. 
  4. Reduced Errors: EZGB helps manage data consistency through digital data retrieval and quality review processes. 
  5. Secure Platform: Energy data is safe for reuse by third parties through our SaaS. 
  6. Beyond Data Delivery: EZGB offers simple ongoing data access for historical data, extensibility, and futureproofing data feeds though a simple SaaS service. 

How does EZGB fit into the broader digitization trend?

  1. Simple Access and Control:  Easy for you, your client and the Utility accountholder to manage access and control.   
  2. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Just as banks leverage data for personalized services, EZGB empowers information sharing through innovation.   
  3. Standardization: Like how global roaming relies on standardized protocols, EZGB provides consistent data formats, simplifying data usability. 
  4. Security: Both digitization and EZGB prioritize data security. 
  5. Integration: EZGB seamlessly integrates with existing tools, like how unified billing streamlines telecom workflows. 


Digitization bridges gaps, transcends borders, and empowers us to navigate a connected world by allowing everyone to simplify their way of life through innovation. Whether you’re withdrawing cash in Tokyo, using your phone atop Mount Everest, or managing/controlling energy data access with EZGB, remember: It’s all part of the digital revolution that is still evolving today! 

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