Scream Utility – A mobile and web customer experience provides utilities with quick implementation and cost-effective access to a fully operational mobility customer engagement platform and administrative interface. The utility-branded solution provides a cooperative approach to modern engagement.

Scream Utility CMD – A digital twin of Scream Utility is used to provide a flexible toolset to the energy industry with a seamless integration to Green Button data plus all the features of Scream Utility. Great for organizations wanting to use billing and metering information from Green Button technologies. 

Scream Enterprise Mobile App provides large private energy consumers with quick implementation and cost-effective access to a mobility platform to monitor and compare multiple building’s energy usage. The Enterprise-Branded solution provides a template of features.

Our Ontario Green Button solution provides  Ontario LDCs (Electric and Natural Gas Local Distribution Companies), their customers and 3rd parties as a SaaS or Standalone service  to meet Ontario’s Regulation (O.Reg 633/21: Energy Dataand the Ontario Energy Board (OEB)  Green Button Implementation plan.

Both Scream Utility and Scream Enterprise support a wide variety of Use Cases and digitization capabilities. Our adaptable Energy Data Platform connects a Utility’s and large Enterprise’s data silos through one open, extensible platform that allows the secure sharing of information

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