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In 2016 there were 2.5 billion smart phones in the world.  Every year there is an increase of smart phones by around .3 billion and the trend is not expected to stop.   In 2020 there where about 14 billion mobile devices connected to the internet with a forecast of almost 18 billion devices by 2024.   Why are digital solutions important to Utilities and their customers?  Itnow the normal way we communicate.  Be part of the way people communicate and engage! Discover ways to be an important part of the Digital economy and the evolution of the electrified marketplace!  You know it’s the only option to manage your customers’ needs and operational efficiencies.  Start today and start smart.  Learn what you can do to save you and your customer time and money.  Play it safe. Work with the Screaming utility solution that is focused on your needs not the needs of your legacy solution providers. Unlock your utilities digital future. 

Looking for standardized mobile interfaces for customer care that can communicate directly with users? We’ve got you covered, Scream Utility by Screaming Power is the perfect solution for utilities looking to digitize their platform for their customers. Scream Utility is a mobile application which integrates on top of the utility’s existing infrastructure and provides their customers with android and ios applications to access, monitor, analyze and conserve energy at their convenience. 

Scream Utility

Scream Utility is a Mobile-first Energy Solution that integrates and enhances visualization and customer engagement. It offers a big data infrastructure that can grow with your Utility’s needs. You are no longer locked into legacy systems and single-vendor data management. Scream Utility provides opportunities for cost savings, data sharing and energy/operations management. We have created a unique mobile app, administration and cloud solution that embraces change and allows Utilities to better manage and streamline the digitization of Utility data assets while creating real business opportunities for the future.

Utility Mobile Application - Features

  • White Labelled

    Utility Branded, Start off with a template to save time and money.

  • Easy Onboarding

    Integrate your onboarding, moving or account closing process in the app

  • Multiple Accounts

    Our solution allows customers to add multiple accounts independent of customer type. ex: residential, commercial, industrial

  • Easy Switching Between Accounts

    Ability to easily switch between accounts on-the-fly

  • 24x7x365 Access

    Customers can access the information they need at their convenience

  • E-Billing/ Paperless Billing

    Customers can view/email their current and historic bills

  • Meter Data Analysis

    Customers can view their meter consumption by hour and day

  • Billing Data

    Our solution integrates with your billing data to provide your customers with bill information on-the-fly

  • Time of Use Graph

    Integrated Time of Use graph tools with the real-time price per kWh

  • Tiered Pricing Information

    Integrated tiered pricing displays the different tiers and their pricing

  • Outage Notification & Reporting

    Notify your customers about current outages and keep track of past outages. Also Provides your customers with the ability to report an outage as soon as it occurs

  • User Friendly

    Provide your customers with a mobile application that adjusts to the user type and needs. A very user-friendly and interactive user interface to give your customers the best user experience available

  • Company News & Updates

    Inform your customers in your own branded app and provide company news and updates

  • Twitter Feed Integration

    Our solution integrates with Twitter to display the feed in the mobile app

  • Ai Powered Bill Estimate

    We use machine learning to power Ai bill prediction, weather normalization, data management to make data more useful and informative

  • Feedback Form

    Provides you and your customers with an easy way to connect. Direct communications and customer engagement. Questions, feedback outages etc

  • Weather Data Integration

    Our solution integrates with weather data to analyze the environmental factors that affect you and your customer's energy consumption

  • Mobile Push Notification

    Provides utilities with the power to send alerts/news/promotions to mobile devices without your branded app being open

  • Conservation Tips

    Provide energy savings tips and conservation support programs and other information to your customers to educate them on conserving energy

  • Company Contact Information

    Let your customer easily find your contact information and social media links into the application

  • Payment Gateway Integration

    Provide your customers with the ability to pay bills from the mobile app, our solution integrates with multiple payment gateways

  • Market Data Integration

    Our solution integrates with the market data to provide your customers with the latest available information on-the-fly. Great for large energy users

  • GHG Emission Information

    Display GHG information in the application, the app analyzes and displays carbon footprint information using simple to understand conversions. Educate and inform

  • Price Plan Comparison

    Our algorithm tool compares & analyzes the most cost-effective pricing (time-of-use or tiered) to inform your customers when they have choice

  • Powerful Admin Panel

    Our solution includes a powerful administration panel for utilities to view, analyse and manage data interaction, communications and customer interaction. We let you manage the app and third-party data interaction on the fly

  • Mobile-First Platform

    With billions of smartphone users, it is important to cope with the current digital trends, our solution provides your customers with Android and iOS applications or we integrate our mobile-first infrastructure right into your existing customer website

  • Machine Learning

    Scream Utility is backed by state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to provide you and your customers with complex analysis and easy to understand presentment

  • PDF Bill Delivery

    Provides the ability to your customers to export PDF copies of their bills right to their validated email

  • Excel, XML, JSON Bill Export

    Provides the ability to your customers to export their account information in Excel, XML or JSON format

  • 2-Week Usage Comparison Graph

    The graph visualizes your last weeks of energy usage day-wise

  • Historical Usage Graph

    The graph visualizes your previous 12 months of energy usage to let them see trends

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Scream Utility is a white-labelled mobile-first solution for utilities to provide their customers with a way to view, monitor, analyze and conserve energy, water and greenhouse gas. The Scream Utility mobile app provides Utilities with quick implementation and cost-effective access to a mobility platform for customer engagement.

Screaming Power

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