EZGB = Easy Green Button Connector

Your Key to Effortless Energy Data Management

Tired of wrestling with complex utility data? EZGB is your one-stop solution for streamlined access to billing and metering information from 50+ Ontario utilities. Say goodbye to manual data retrieval and inconsistent Green Button (GB) formats from different utilities. Focus on what matters: analyzing your data to optimize energy use, reduce costs, and make informed decisions for a sustainable future. 


What is EZGB?

Imagine a world where accessing your energy data is simple, fast, and reliable. That’s what EZGB delivers. Screaming Power’s expertise is leveraged to provide a secure, hosted platform that connects you to multiple utilities in one standardized format. No more juggling individual logins or battling with different data structures of each utility.

Who can benefit?

Energy consultants

Deliver valuable services to your clients with ease.

Multi-building owners

Gain insights across your entire portfolio.

Third-party providers

Integrates seamlessly with your existing solutions.

Technology innovators

Unlocks the potential of energy data for new applications.

EZGB Advantages

Effortless data retrieval

Eliminate manual processes with each utility to save time and money.

Consistent and standardized data

Gain clear insights without the hassle of disparate formats from each utility.

Automated updates

Stay current with real-time, automated data delivery.

Reduced errors

Ensure data accuracy with our proven data quality processes.

Secure platform

 Enjoy peace of mind knowing your data is safe and secure.

Focus on your core business

Let EZGB handle the data complexities, so you can strategize and grow.

EZGB goes beyond simple data delivery.

We offer:

Optional data quality checks: Identify and address potential data issues for greater confidence.

Two years of historical data: Access past information to understand trends and make informed decisions.

Extensible platform: Integrate your existing tools and services with one platform for a seamless workflow.

Future-proof solution: Evolve your energy data strategy with our flexible platform that maintains ongoing connections to 50+ different Ontario utilities’ evolving Green Button systems. 


Screaming Power, a leader in energy data management, created EZGB to simplify access to valuable energy resources. We understand the complexities of the Ontario utility landscape and have developed a solution that delivers reliable, secure, and standardized energy and billing data. Leveraging Digital Data from Ontario Energy Utilities. Financial and Insurance Institutions Use Case. EZGB also supports them to utilize this crucial information in their use cases to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency.

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