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Creating an Enterprise Platform built to Manage your Changing Engagement Needs

Scream Enterprise is a mobile app, analytics, and innovation IoT / developer workbench that helps energy consumers and third-party innovators quickly implement a proven framework to manage and engage with their energy-related information. Screaming Power’s Enterprise Solutions provide rapid market entry with reduced costs while helping to implement and manage your digital roadmap and engagement platform.  Reduce your effort in creating and managing information from multiple data sources (including Utilities).  Increase the reuse and accuracy of data.  Bring in other important datasets to organize, present, socialize, educate, and share information.  Let us help you in your goal to engage with information and users of the information more effectively. Designed for multiple buildings, multiple users, and multiple datasets, we help you manage your digital experience and your brand.

Well suited for multi-facility organizations, third-party vendors and innovators tasked with the oversight of energy usage, tracking, monitoring, presentment, education, auditing, and reporting. The templated and fully customized applications are designed to quickly meet your unique needs by using our proven, in production data engagement tools templated for your evolving operations and user engagement needs.  


Accurate and Up-To-Date information = Informed Enterprises

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Innovator Applications

Brand for your customer base. Educate innovate and inform in on Mobile / web based platform.

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Multi Building Applications

Manage buildings across multiple energy markets and energy / water utilities with diverse weather conditions. Understand your complete building footprint to plan, evaluate and manage change. Zero net energy footprint starts with understanding your existing infrastructure first.


IoT Integration Applications

Quickly create a Data Hub, communication and branded presentment platform for your customers. Integrate in your data along with other information to establish a modern framework that easily expands to meet future goals.

Mobile Enterprise App Features

Customizable and enterprise branded mobile enterprise application with a big data cloud backend. Let us collect, manage, analyze and socialize your building energy data for you. Designed for large energy consumers with multiple buildings. Our applications are created to provide a means to monitor and compare building energy usage information along with GHG (Greenhouse Gas) and efficiency reporting.

Not sure where to start or if we can use what you already have?  We are only a conversation away.

24x7x365 Access

Access performance information anytime, anywhere with multiple users

Manage & Report

Manage asset value & report performance using validated information

Key-Performance Indication

Present KPIs in a user-friendly format available at your fingertips

Simplify & Present

Gather, simplify & present siloed information from any source

Compare Parameters

Compare past & current information to make informed decisions

Accurate Results

Leading-edge research is applied to data to ensure accurate comparisons are achieved

Custom Design

Applications are custom designed to your meet operational and reporting demands

Machine Learning

New technologies, such as machine learning, are utilized to make data integration, management and analysis easier and more accurate

User Friendly

Information is presented in user-friendly format with key data presented at your fingertips. We can also bring in dashboards from other systems, so information is in one place

Use Cases

Enables mobile tech across the enterprise to support digitization. capable of pilot projects or full production for billing, metering, Integrate green tech, data export, AI, and IoT integration

Powerful Admin Panel

The administration panel includes tools to manage the enterprise mobile app. Easily manage users, assign roles and capabilities, publish news, and updates. The solution also integrates with 3rd party applications to easily leverage the digitization of the energy data.

Mobile-First Platform

We are the only mobile-first energy data management platform. Our solution involves a unique mixture of experience and knowledge in the energy sector with the latest mobile app technology to provide customers with the best user-friendly experience.

Enterprise Customer (Multiple Buildings)

Large building Owners – Multiple buildings / multiple Utilities, Many 3rd party integrations and data standards

Integrates to Third party solutions e.g. Portfolio Manager,
Ability to add unique features e.g. Solar array for “Virtual Solar” comparison, Extendable for analytics e.g. Covid Pre/Post energy analyst


Integrate into legacy CIS for innovation and customer engagement. Manage Privacy / Security and Integration

Integrated into CIS Presentment:

Billing, Metering, GHG, Budgeting / Targets, Energy Calculator, Cost effective integration, Digitization focused, Ready for future use cases

Mobility and the Small Utility

Utility Customer Engagement - engage with customer through mobility – quick penetration - Mobile users have reduced energy usage by 10 - 15% without a formal Conservation initiative. Education is key.

Integrated into one iOS Android customer toolset:

Billing, Metering, Outage, Weather, Market, IoT – thermostats, IoT – home assistance, Integrated third party provider e.g. Bill payment, Analysis, Data recovery and reuse

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Manage & Monitor Building Efficiency

Scream Enterprise is an app that allows you to effectively manage and monitor the energy usage of your business across multiple platforms seamlessly. If you want to integrate multiple external datasets or push your information to other applications, we are the go to people to help you achieve your building footprint goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our toolset is very flexible and can meet your needs today and into the future. Our expertise involves 25 years of experience integrating utility / market data and weather information. We have come up with many methods to extract your information from siloed utility systems, including the automated extraction of complex billing information from PDF bills and meter images taken from mobile devices. Every enterprise customer different, but we believe we can meet any use case sent our way. In most cases, we can use our existing templated IP to save time and money.

Our goal is not always to replace what you have. Our solution set focuses on what can be improved and automated while replacing (as needed) manual processes to make your data more shareable and interoperable. By adding our solution into your mix of solutions and processes, you are no longer restricted by your inability to evolve. Our enterprise solution provides an opportunity to access your information in a way that provides innovative alternatives to new business opportunities you may have overlooked in the past and opens up future innovation. Scream Enterprise is not intended to substitute your existing workflow and external business partners; it gives you new opportunities to innovate without having to deal with the “old school” way of managing your data. Scream Enterprise allows you to focus on what you should be doing, rather than looking for the information you need to do the job right.

We have training videos explaining all features and functionalities of our solution. We also offer a dedicated support channel to utilities.We provide you with an opportunity to better understand the data you have and what it can do for your organization. We focus on accuracy of the information to ensure you are working with the best data out there. There may be some bumps in the road to achieve data aggregation from your existing processes and tools, but we believe freeing up your data and interconnecting your information into a big data toolset allows you a much broader range of options providing unrestricted data access to achieve your KPIs and embrace innovation.

Every organization with multiple buildings has issues collecting and managing energy information. We help automate and manage that process, but we do so much more by working with a solution set that embraces sharing of data to compete in this new digital world.

When you are collecting data from multiple utilities and other sources, it important to know that Screaming Power specializes in data extraction, so data can be used and socialized in a standardized format. We have multiple simple and complex toolsets for data management. At the end of the day, we are all dealing with an industry that can’t agree on a single standard. Talk to us about your needs or explain what you already have. If it’s spreadsheets or real data sharing technology, we are used to dealing with it all. At the end of the day, you get a standardized dataset that you can easily share.

Fill out our form, send us an email or give us a call. It all starts with a conversation. From there, we set out a plan and provide you with a quote. We understand you may not be energy data experts, and if you are, we can help with advancing your energy data platform as well. That is what we do best. We help you with your specific situation and provide you with the right tools for your environment. We look at all our clients as partners. Try us out. We are easy to talk to and have the knowledge to start your roadmap to success.

For new SaaS applications, there is a monthly fee.  The costs are determined by the changes that are required.  We understand there may be a need to manage modifications, so we set goals and work with you and your partners to achieve them. Fees are inclusive of standard integration to the utility and third-party data enhancements.  The Scream Enterprise SaaS includes the following: iOS / android apps, cloud infrastructure, enterprise administration interface, data acquisition, research and security. 

Ongoing regular advancements are included in the offering.  enhancements are inclusive and interaction to third-party solutions (such as EDA and NRCan Portfolio ManagerTM ) are part of our service.

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