Lakefront Utilities Advanced Digital Platform Will Make Things Scream!

Written by: Gary Michor (CEO), Screaming Power Inc.


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Lakefront Utilities and Screaming Power, with funding from the Government of Ontario’s Smart Grid Fund, has rolled out an advanced digital platform that provides opportunities for stronger relationships between the Utility customer and Utility.  This is achieved by integrating market, weather, billing and meter information for advanced decision-making

The technology represents for the first time, the opportunity for rapid change and interoperability between the utility, customer and emerging technologies which allows for expansion of Use Cases as markets evolve.  

Dereck Paul, CEO of Lakefront Utilities says, “As Lakefront leverages smarter technologies to support new emerging utility business models, we want to focus on innovative solutions that achieve positive results for our shareholder.  It’s important that we, as a Utility, do not become an outdated resource to our customer. We are committed to helping them for the long term.”

To assist with customer information sharing and communications, Lakefront wanted to look at something that is relevant today but is also extensible to new market technologies as they become available.  The goal is to allow customers to start using energy information on-the-fly for quick analysis and education.  The solution allows the energy user to directly interact with the utility in the palm of their hand, integrating legacy data, such as billing and metering information, with new technologies.  

Gary Michor, CEO of Screaming Power says, “Our improved “Scream Utility” platform performs benchmarking, weather normalization, energy and GHG calculations and forecasts using advanced machine learning techniques.  All this is done while simplifying the energy user’s experience, so everyone can make use of the information available from a trusted source.”  The solution is suited for energy and water Utilities of any size, anywhere.  

Screaming Power’s digital platform is unique in that it is based on mobile technology and easily connects to the Internet of Things and legacy data silos.  Advanced machine-learning is used to baseline buildings, weather normalize and provide automated optimizations that allow energy users to save energy and GHGs.


The solution can provide Utilities throughout the world a competitive edge in the global energy data economy.  The digital energy platform supports the integration of microgrids, energy generation and storage, by providing a platform to track and exchange this information with its customers.


Lakefront Utilities Demo:

This video demonstrates Lakefront’s Mobile Customer Engagement App.  This release is as of January 2020.

About Screaming Power Inc.

Screaming Power is revolutionizing customer engagement by providing a mobile platform that connects the energy user, allowing for effective and secure two-way communications to educate, change behaviour and encourage sustainability. Our extensible Intellectual Property provides a low-cost, digital infrastructure for a self-sustaining Eco-System. Our Scream Utility & Scream Enterprise mobile solutions focus on reducing ‘cost-to-service’ for utilities while driving satisfaction and facilitating the delivery of innovation (e.g., connectivity to the IoTs). 

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