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Your Green Button tools are here and ready for Ontario.  Our team provides Green Button implementations to meet your needs and you don’t have to be concerned if they meet the market needs.  We have the only Ontario solution that meets the needs of the smallest to the largest Utility and has been proven to work. We are templated to offer the flexibility you deserve.

From engaging the market, the ratepayer, and the third-party app developers, we have it all.  Give us a chance to explain our Green Button solution and you will quickly understand why we are the best.

Our experts have years of experience integrating digital strategies for utilities and enterprise energy users, offering the Ontario energy marketplace a proven, mature product set that satisfies Ontario’s unique demands. We provide a solution that is managed and operated in Canada.  To simplify the integration of Green Button for utilities, our Ontario Green Button Services exist as a simple add-on to Screaming Power’s Scream Utility and Utilismart Corporation’s Settlement Manager, C&I Energy Manager and Consumer Engagement Platform as well as existing portals.

When working with us, you do not need to worry about what you already have from a customer engagement point of view.  We offer a stand-alone Green Button Toolset to be used in conjunction with existing utility customer engagement systems. We know Ontario utilities have already started implementing Green Button strategies and we can still help and guide you along the way. Our goal is to help you get there the best way possible to meet your needs.  Screaming Power and our partner network work alongside third parties to implement a secure, cost-effective Green Button infrastructure.  We have the most capable team and tools in Ontario.  Our expertise along with our UtilityAPI partner exceeds all others in the market i, as we are here to provide you with a solution that has been proven to work in other jurisdictions and surpasses the Ontario market requirements.

Best of all, our existing secure solution will be ready for your brand as it is built as a white-labelled toolset, allowing your utility to implement new digitization and data strategies that comply with the mandated standards, and coexist seamlessly with the utility’s existing toolsets. The solution will be certified as Green Button compliant for you with no concern as it is widely market tested and exceeds Ontario’s current requirements already

We provide everything you need.  If you are unsure what that is, ask for a free one-hour review and discussion.  There is nothing to lose and our cooperative approach will allow you to work alongside others in the Ontario market to save you time and money.

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