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Do you own or operate at least two facilities in different regions with a combined annual electricity use of 1.5 GWh or more?

The new Energy Performance Program (EPP) offers incentives for total savings achieved across all locations, under one simplified program.

Get Rewarded for Long-Term, Ongoing Savings

Incentives are paid annually based on savings over the baseline, 2.5 cents/kWh.

You’ve optimized all of the key systems in your building. You’ve exhausted capital improvements. No stone has been left unturned. When it comes to energy management, what’s next?

OPsaver is a data-driven, whole-building, long-term approach to controlling energy costs. For larger buildings that have already invested in energyefficient technology, OPsaver shifts the focus to operational excellence.

We provide the tools, resources and expertise to help you implement operational and behavioural changes. With continuous improvement, not only will you benefit from energy savings, but you’ll also get paid incentives for every kWh saved. Incentives are paid annually, so you’ll continue to profit from ongoing savings year after year.


OPsaver is built on a pay for performance model that rewards building owners for energy savings, year over year. 

Earn incentives based on performance.

Achieve energy savings between 5 and 20%.

Support a culture of efficiency and continuous improvement.

Promote corporate sustainability goals.

Get funding to offset the cost of an OPsaver Consultant to support your Energy Manager.

Changes often require minimal, if any, capital expenditures.

 Helps comply with Ontario’s Bill 135, Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking (EWRB) requirements.

Build on previous years’ savings to reduce operating costs and improve productivity.

Avoid applying for each measure under separate incentive programs.

 Access tools and resources.



Senior management makes a commitment to change processes and company culture in order to prioritize energy efficiency.


Your facility’s energy use will be assessed in order to establish a baseline against which future progress can be measured.


Deployment of energy-efficiency projects across multiple systems. This could include tenant engagement, training, equipment upgrades, and changes to processes, such as smart scheduling, etc.


Measurement of savings impacts; matching financial incentives to achievements.

Incentives are paid annually based on savings over the baseline, 2.5 cents/kWh.

OPsaver delivers energy savings of 5-20%

Is Your Building Eligible?

Large commercial, industrial and institutional buildings are good candidates for OPsaver.

You may qualify if your:

  • Building currently has or plans to implement an energy accounting / monitoring and targeting system.

  • Company will commit to a long-term continuous energy management strategy.

  • Company will appoint an internal staff member to champion a culture of efficiency within the facility and collaborate with the OPsaver consultant.

  • Building has interval data (preferred but not mandatory).

  • Site has an annual electricity consumption of >1 GWh.

Meet Reporting Requirements

In step with Ontario’s Bill 135, OPsaver can help large buildings comply with

mandatory Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking (EWRB). 

More Properties Across Ontario?

If you operate facilities located in areas served by two or more local hydro companies, streamline your savings with the new Energy Performance Program and earn incentives for total savings achieved across all locations

To see if your building is a good fit for OPsaver & Screaming Power, contact:

Jeff Anthofer at 416-312-6250 or janthofer@screamingpower.com.

For more information, visit torontohydro.com/opsaver.

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