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We build and manage mobile Apps. We seamlessly and securely support energy data for property owners and managers on the fly. We enable energy providers to connect and share information with their customers and employees. We provide template solutions and Software as a Service (SaaS) that assists in linking information together so we can better manage our environment.

Looking for standardized mobile interfaces for customer care that can communicate directly with users? We provide mobile apps to promote efficiency and deliver building and energy information in a simple manner.

Screaming Power Solutions


We are a pioneer in mobile energy solutions


Update, April 2016.... Screaming Power has chosen to also cater to the attention spans of current millennials by changing their official Energy app’s name from ‘Screaming Energy’ to...wait for it…’Scream Energy

Scream Energy

See I Sense A Change In Energy


Scream Energy app (FREE)

Enables you to manage property, energy and conservation information and share it across multiple devices. The user interfaces, you can manage and profile your building(s), energy information .
●    Excellent tool to store, explore, & share your energy information.
●    Understand and analyze your energy "footprint" to assist in climate change.  
●    Digitally access your energy bills & data to identify areas to save money.


Sit back and watch us evolve. More features and updates to come.


see scream energy mobile app for more info or or contact us 

Energy provider customer engagement app

This app builds a complete mobility presence for large & small scale utilities whilst not interference with the existing infrastructure. It enables customer engagement by allowing direct communication between them and their utilities in order to build a better and more sustainable relationship.

●    Creates strong mobility presence for large & small scale utilities.
●    Enhances customers’ experience while reducing "cost to service"by using secure 2-way mobile communications.
●    Save the world from climate change by managing and promoting conservation directly to the customer


See branded customer engagement app for more information or for a live demo, contact us

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