Showcasing New Smart Mobile Solution with Novel MCP, Peak Demand & Multiple Integration Points

Written by: Ace Sahebalam, Sr. Research Developer, Screaming Power

  Screaming Power has developed a new Smart Mobile Solution, Platform and Algorithm for forecasting and tracking Electricity Market Clearing Price (MCP), Peak Demand (PD), and a novel live Decision Maker (DM) for load shifting in Ontario. Class A electricity customers pay Global Adjustment (GA) based on their percentage and contribution to the top peak demand periods. A smart and automated tool estimates the next peak and helps to make the optimal decision to shift loads to save on costs. Screaming Power’s load shifter tracks the market price and forecasts the MCP, which is critical during peak times, to make responsible decisions and provide optimal recommendations.


Smart City Top Peak

Screaming Power’s platform solves a linear optimization problem while creating and updating a dynamic predictive model every five minutes to find the best time to shift loads.  This tool can be used to interact with the user through mobility or through the Internet of Things (IoT).    

The results of this R&D will be presented as a poster in the 5th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies for Sustainability (ICT4S) to be held in Toronto, Canada on May 14–18, 2018.  We invite everyone to come to ICT4S and see our unique Mobile Solution.

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