New Apps Assist Customers in Predicting Peaks

Written by: Jake Brooks, Executive Director, APPrO Association of Power Producers Of Ontario

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Among the many innovations currently spreading across the electricity system are relatively accessible software applications that can quickly and accurately generate detailed analysis of power system conditions. This kind of analysis can be tailored to suit a wide variety of business needs and allow business operators to hone and refine their operations. However, some of the most remarkable and widely appealing capabilities are emerging from systems that predict the points of peak demand well in advance of stress events. This information can be used by power consumers to minimize their exposure to peak prices, among other things. 

One software provider notes that its customers have found they can predict the timing and size of demand peaks more accurately than would be the case if they relied purely on the IESO’s Day Ahead data.

Screaming Power’s CEO, Gary Michor, says he is pleased that “Our years of research and development has resulted in some specific capabilities that our large enterprise customers, including Smart Cities, can utilize to save money, reduce GHGs and ‘green’ the environment.”

In the case of Screaming Power, the application is designed to support proactive or predictive maintenance and hourly GHG estimation. Customers using the app typically have sensors connected to key equipment in their operation. Combining historic data with real time input from external sources allows the software to model more comprehensively and predict peak demand and GHGs more accurately than has been possible in the past.

 Users are applying tools of this nature to manage energy consumption and their GHG footprint. They can simultaneously model and control the behaviour of each component in an operation. With the recent changes in rules for Global Adjustment, more customers are expected to use tools of this nature to manage GA exposure. The product line currently includes both an Enterprise app, and a Utility-connected Customer Engagement app.

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